Coming Up Roses

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A Glimmer of Hope
A Glimmer of Hope

Jay has one dream he's never been able to give up; to become a jockey. Unfortunately, he lacks the riding skills (and some would say the common sense) necessary to be successful at the track. Desperate to ride, he takes a job as a groom for a jaded ex-rider-turned-trainer. With CJ's strict mentoring, can Jay overcome the obstacles before him and find himself in the winner's circle? Oh, and there's one more complication; Jay just happens to be transgendered. 'Coming Up Roses' is a fictionalized account of day to day life on the racetrack, based on my own experiences in the hard-knuckle and colorful world of thoroughbred racing.


September 15th, 2011, 11:00 pm


Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to check out 'Coming Up Roses!' I started this comic as a side-project while working on 'Chess,' as a way to keep drawing when I had artblock or just needed a break from buffer pages.

It won't have a regular update day, since the pages will come out as I work on them ('Chess' is still my main project), but I hope to tell a very personal story with 'Roses,' and I hope you'll enjoy reading along.


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